Darlene and Ken Awarski
Breezy Acres Mini Llamas
5265 Norris Run Road
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 808-8664


Have you hugged a miniature llama today?  Mini llamas are an exciting  part of our lives.  We are Ken and Darlene Awarski, Miniature Llama Breeders.  However we entered into the wonderful  world of llamas in 2002.  Immediately falling in love with these curious elegant creatures.  Seeking out and being mentored by Harry & Laurie Mollin of Shangrila Llamas, we started our foundation stock.  Now breeding for miniatures, we have added a selection of mini females as well as a mini herd sire to the gene pool. These came from "Mr. Mini", Pat Behrens of Royal Oak Llamas.  Our goal is to maintain the fine temperament, conformation and desirable fiber.  But mostly enjoy our lovable, huggable llamas.

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